Time Chartering.


The vessels of MILLENIA MARITIME Inc. are available to clients on voyage or on a time charter basis. Clients may include oil major companies and oil traders. The aspiration of the management, the administration and the personnel is to serve with integrity the needs of the charterers by providing top quality services that ensure fast and secure cargo transportation, always by consistently adhering to the transportation contracts. Simultaneously the company operates according to all international and local statutory requirements, classification rules and all other conventions related to health, safety and environmental issues.


Crewing Services


MILLENIA MARITIME Inc. pays special attention to the professional capabilities and personality of the thoroughly selected personnel, guaranteeing this way the continuous progress of the company. The manning of vessels with highly qualified experienced and motivated seafarers is of uttermost importance to the company. Continuous training, exceeding the STCW requirements, is provided to all professionals either on board or ashore. In order to meet these standards, a new branch of the company, MILLENIA MARITIME MANILA Inc. has been recently founded in Manila, Philippines, specializing in crewing services.