Millenia’s success story is spearheaded by its seafaring personnel. The safekeeping of the basic principles of operational excellence, like the safety of its crew as well as its commercial viability throughout this highly competitive markets is attributed primarily to its seafaring staff. Current operational performance strengthens the company’s continued growth and in return, ensures a stable employment environment for everyone in the Fleet and especially for Filipino seafarers.


Millenia’s Fleet of 9 Oil-Chem tanker vessels are being operated within a sound environmental practice and excellent in-house technical management.
It is company’s commitment to provide continued upgrading and Training programs for all staff in order to nurture in-house talent and ability of our multicultural team both onboard and ashore while leading opportunities for professional growth and development along the way.


Being part of the team that turns every challenge into opportunities, the company provides:


·         Competitive remuneration
·         On time Wages and Allotments in US Dollar and/or Peso account
·         Special Remittances
·         Pre-joining Cash Advances
·         Standby wages, Re-appointment Bonus and Seniority Pay for Officers
·         Higher License Bonus for Officers (CO and 2E)
·         Company sponsored Trainings
·         Promotion opportunities
·         Flexible contract for Senior Officers
·         Medical Insurance for Officers.