SHORE-BASED Career Opportunities:

Experience in same position
Experience in personnel administration
Knowledge of vessels particulars and their trade
Knowledge of National and International Regulations, Flag States Regulations, etc.
Experience in manning with qualified, medically fit and suitably experienced seafarers
Extensive knowledge of STCW certification and directives
Good Knowledge of English
Adequate PC knowledge
Ensuring that each vessel is manned with qualified, medically fit and
experienced seafarers and supervising the application of the STCW
convention on board
Managing the selection and recruitment of all seafarers, directly or through manning agents, in accordance with the CMS procedures.
Monitoring available ex-crew and schedule deployment, anticipating future Company’s needs for recruitment and informing the Fleet Manager on
manpower planning and employment problems.
Checking application forms and previous Company’s records for each
seagoing personnel prior to engagement and deal with the same after
Verifying that the qualifications and experience of new recruits are genuine.
Ensuring the control/monitoring of documents and certificates of embarking seagoing personnel.
Maintain Crew lists of current manning in respect of each vessel.
Reviewing information on the performance of all seagoing personnel and make suggestions on their promotion, after consultation with the
Department Head
Pooling suitable seagoing personnel and keeping full records.